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Join the Chamber family!

Welcome to the Oak Harbor Chamber Volunteer/Internship page!

Volunteering is an incredible opportunity to gain experience, get credit for school, or fulfill volunteer hours. You're not only committing your time to the Chamber as a volunteer, but you are meeting members of our wonderful community and you become part of our family.

Why Volunteer or Intern at the Chamber? 

Volunteering/Interning is overall is a very satisfying labor of love. It presents opportunities to make a positive difference in your community. Chamber events  would not be possible without the helping hands of volunteers like you. 

Come explore the many benefits that volunteering for the Chamber can bring you! 

What are the benefits, you ask? 

1) Looks great on your resume 

2) Presents opportunities to meet new people 

3) Helps you determine career goals 

4) Helps you to develop or refine skills 

5) Provides a sense of purpose 

6) Helps you to stay active during retirement 

The Chamber has many platforms for a wide range of ages.

Internships are available for high school students, college students, and military personnel.

Ready to Volunteer or Intern at the Chamber?
Email CeCe at

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