New to the Klompen Races? No problem!
Klompen Canal Races is a tradition here in Oak Harbor as a way to celebrate our Dutch heritage - we take little wooden shoes, decorate them, and sail them down a man-made canal. 
How does the race work? Come by the Chamber to purchase your Klompen wooden shoes or purchase them the day of to decorate. Bedazzle, glue figurines, paint, draw, anything! We do give the warning though....the shoe will get wet! So please prepare if you can.
You can bring your shoe(s) to the Chamber before the event or bring day of before the race starts. If we have a lot of entries, we will break shoes into groups as to not overcrowd the canal.

After shoes are sorted, the races are off!
Shoes will float down the canal as you wait to see who will win first, middle, and last place. This is exciting and fun to watch and cheer for your favorite shoe(s). After the races, everyone can pick up their shoes to proudly display at home.
If you have any questions, let us know! We can't wait to continue this tradition.